The Cheese Train. Next stop: Pays-d'Enhaut

A journey to the heart of Swiss tradition

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The Cheese Train is the perfect experience for food lovers in search of authenticity.

Travelling in first class from Montreux or Zweisimmen to Château-d'OEx, you'll arrive at Restaurant Le Chalet to watch a demonstration of traditional cheese making skills, followed by the pleasure of eating their delicious fondue. After that, you will discover Swiss arts and crafts at the Musée du Pays-d'Enhaut.




The Restaurant Le Chalet makes its own cheese, "Le Chalet Bio". Dressed in traditional costume, the cheesemaker transforms about 200 litres of organic milk into a hard cheese right in front of your eyes. You can lend a hand in this truly authentic process that takes place over an open wood fire, just like in the alpine chalets. The freshly produced cheese can be tasted at the end of the demonstration.


Warm, cosy and thoroughly typical, Le Chalet welcomes you into its rustic setting. An excellent organic cheese fondue will be waiting for you there. And there's the opportunity to buy delicious local products and regional souvenirs in their boutique. Upstairs, there's a model of our trains and the landscape they travel through that will appeal to young and old.



This museum exposes works from the great-great nieces of the well-known Louis Saugy. Traditional art perpetuates and shows the climb to the mountain pastures and the life of the armaillis. The artists F. Saugy-Obrist, A.-M. Vallotton-Saugy and the twins, J. and C. Saugy, demonstrate an unconditional love for nature and nostalgia of the old times.
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The Espace Ballon, Mecca of hot air balloon, invite you to a journey from the very first days in history to the greatest performances of our days. The first balloon flight around the world with Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard and more to be discovered in tremendous surroundings. Sky’s the limit and heaven can’t wait... to meet you there...